#1 Easter Weekend – Northern Germany

Annika & Jiye’s weekend in Bremen:


Because we arrived at Bremen central station kind of late the previous day, we made the friday morning chill for us. Jiye also was tired because of the long flight. So we had a late breakfast and then, at 1 pm, we left for a tour through our local German landscape. We drove to a pretty museum called „Barkenhoff“. And after we had a little picknick, we drove to see the ocean. The weather was really good. Just right, like not too hot and not too cold.

As we drove back home we could see some camels standing right there on a German hill. They came from a circus. It was a good expirience for Jiye, because she has never seen camels in her life.

WhatsApp Image 2019-04-23 at 20.19.16


It was one of the best days for us, because we, mostly Jiye, could expirience what a casual day of German girl friends in Bremen looks like. It began with lunch on board of an old ship where one could eat traditional German pancakes. Actually it was really packed inside, so we had to wait for a long time, but the food was still good. After this we saw near to all of the famous monuments and buildings in Bremen and Jiye really liked the people on the streets who made some streetarts. But after all the walking we got a little bit thirtsy and grabed a cocktail (of course without alcohol) at the „Schlachte“. Its place next to the Weser, where much of young people come, when it gets hot outside.

At the evening we went to the „Osterwiese“. Its a big amusement park which lasts for 2 weeks, two times a year. Theres is lots of special food, like „Schmalzkuchen“, a very famous sweet snack in northern Germany. As it got darker outside all the lights shined and from every direction you could hear music and people laughing. It was such a different expierience for Jiye.

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As many christian people in Germany do, we celebrated eastern today. We met up with a big part of my familiy and everyone was so happy to meet Jiye. Theres was lots of German food prepared by my grandmom. We all ate together and then searched for easter eggs and presents in the garden. Also we had a lot of fun playing some games with my cousins. We even went to a small house where you can play a lot of games people used to play in the 1950 years in Germany. Jiye was so good at doing this and almost won every game. Jiye and my whole familiy really enjoyed this kind of expirience.

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